FIVA - An Adventure That Went Wrong. Gordon Stainforth

Pre-publication accolades from readers

What a brilliant and refreshing read! Some of our best epics are those early ones when everything is fresh and new, our ambitions great, our experience thin. Gordon has captured all of this in his wonderful little book, that once started you just can't put down.
Sir Chris Bonington, CBE

This magnificent book, enjoyed enormously during wet leaf delays at Clapham Junction and subsequent flight from Gatwick to Venice, was a breath of civilised fresh air. I love the period detail, the humour, the visceral sense of wild landscape and the nail-biting denouement.
Stephen Venables, author of Everest – Alone at the Summit

Absolutely superb and totally gripping from the first few pages until the end. What an adventure! I think it’s a future classic.
Richard Else, TV producer of The Great Climb, etc.

It's tremendous; and also a very accessible read for a non-climber. The pace is excellent – no slack in the rope! It made me laugh. It's a cracking story.
Hilary McKay Winner of the Whitbread Prize and the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize.

Just finished reading Gordon Stainforth's latest book, Fiva. Absolutely incredible story, very emotional and even though I know nothing about climbing I felt as if I was there. Do yourself a favour and get a copy.
Mary McLean Farmer, University of Stirling (posted on Facebook, March 23)

I read the book this weekend in three sittings. Need to get my breath back now! Stupendous, compelling, beautifully written, up with the best climbing books that I've ever read. Thank you on behalf of the climbing community for producing this wonderful work.
Steve Clark, lecturer at Nottingham Trent University

A nerve-shredding tale of innocence, near-disaster and the fight for survival on a peak in Norway. With the tension and intensity of Touching the Void.
Peter Gillman Award-winning author of The Wildest Dream

I was absolutely rivetted, enthralled, hooked. Suffice to say such was the writing that I felt the author's pain, his hunger, his desolation and finally his joy. I actually cried with relief at the end.
Jenny Trigona, ex-publicist, Paramount TV UK

Utterly gripping, it builds up to an unexpected climax... Intense and seriously frightening at times, conveying a strong sense of isolation in a truly wild part of Norway.
Steve Dean, author of Hands of a Climber

I really, really enjoyed it. It had me hooked from page one and caused me to switch off my bedtime reading light later than usual for several nights. What a great story and I'm left full of admiration for how these two young climbers survived that nightmare.
Charles Masefield, great nephew of poet laureate John Masefield

An excellent book. A great, hilarious horror story.
Tony Howard, Author of and first ascensionist of the Troll Wall