FIVA - An Adventure That Went Wrong. Gordon Stainforth

Congratulations on winning the Banff Mountain Festival Best Book of Mountain & Wilderness Literature, Nov 1 2012

Wonderful thank you card from the Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival, December 6 2012

Thanks you both for joining us in Banff - and congratulations again!

Congratulations on your award and thank you for your heart-felt acceptance speech!

Gordon, your book is fabulous. A great read with plenty of momentum and bursts of lyricism in exactly the right places. Gorgeous and clear language. Congratulations!

Thank you!

Congratulations on your win - we'll be looking for the next one, you know!

Dear Gordon,
Thanks so much for making the trip to Banff. It was a true pleasure to host you and John here. Best of luck to you for your journey with Fiva! Keep us posted on any new projects you may have …


Julia Gale ‏‪@UltraJuju‬
‪@gordonsta‬ @banffmtfests good job - need to read it now

Nick Williams @JaggedRedLine
FF @gordonsta Winner of Banff Lit Prize for adventure novel 'Fiva'. Great effort. @kdarke for 'Boundless', unequalled enthusiasm and heroism

Shaun Dodd ‏@shaun_running
@TouchingTheVoid @gordonsta It's was already on my Christmas list but now it's a prize winner Santa better not forget #congrats

Nigel Dodd ‏@nigelbdodd
@gordonsta Gordon that's great news many many congratulations. I'm delighted Fiva is getting the success it deserves.

Banff Mtn Festival @BanffMtnFests
RT @kendalmountain: Well done @gordonsta 4 winning Mountain Literature award @BanffMtnFests for 'Fiva'

#kmfnews @kendalmountain
Well done 2 @gordonsta 4 winning best book – Mountain + Wilderness Literature @BanffMtnFests for 'Fiva'

Neil Wedin @Neil_Wedin
@gordonsta Congrats on the win in #Banff Gordon! Best of luck with the B-T!

Luca Signorelli @LucaSignorelli
@gordonsta Congrats!

Renee Lascala @ReneeLascala
‬ @gordonsta You're so deserving! Hope Banff delighted you; it's a special place.

Renee Lascala @ReneeLascala‪
‬ Hooray for Gordon Stainforth! “@gordonsta: Pics of receiving Best Bk of Mountain & Wilderness Lit at Banff Mt Festival”

Nigel Dodd ‏‪@nigelbdodd
‬ ‪@gordonsta‬ Gordon that's great news many many congratulations. I'm delighted Fiva is getting the success it deserves.

Banff Mtn Festival ‏‪@BanffMtnFests
‬ RT ‪@kendalmountain‬: Well done ‪@gordonsta‬ 4 winning Mountain Literature award ‪@BanffMtnFests‬ for 'Fiva' > get the story‪

#kmfnews ‏‪@kendalmountain
‬ Well done 2 ‪@gordonsta‬ 4 winning best book – Mountain + Wilderness Literature ‪@BanffMtnFests‬ for 'Fiva' > get the story ‪

Lomond MRT ‏‪@LomondMRT
‬ One for the Christmas list? Congratulations @GordonStainforth for last nights award in Banff for "Fiva" ‪ 

Alpine Club ‏‪@thealpineclub
‬ Congratulations to ‪@gordonsta‬ on taking the Mountain Literature Award at Banff for Fiva - a book that should be on every climber's list.

Andrew Szalay ‏‪@SuburbanMtnr
‬ 'Fiva: An Adventure That Went Wrong' won best ‪#mountain‬ & wilderness ‪#literature‬ at Banff ‪ 

Alex Roddie ‏‪@alex_roddie
‬ ‪#FollowFriday‬ ‪#ff‬ ‪@gordonsta‬ because he has written an awesome award-winning book, ‪#Fiva‬

Debbie Read ‏@Debbie_pm‪
‬ Congrats @gordonsta on winning Banff Book Festival Mountain Literature. It was Belper's #WorldBookNight activity that swung it for you!

Simon Read ‏@tyre_licker
‬ Many many congratulations to @gordonsta - possibly Belper's first winner of a Bannf Mountain Festival award?

Lissa Cook ‏@Heason_Lissa‪
‬ WOOOO HOOOO sending love & congrats to @gordonsta for winning Banff Mountain Fest Mountain & Wilderness Lit award for Fiva. xxx

Sridhar Gowda ‏@booksconnect‪
‬ Congratulation @gordonsta for winning the BANFFMountain Festival BEST BOOK– MOUNTAIN AND WILDERNESS LITERATURE for FIVA

Andrew Marshall ‏@planetmarshall
‬ @gordonsta Well done on the Banff prize, look forward to reading the book - haven't read your work before but I know @HelenMort is a fan!

Clare Danek ‏@c_j_d‪
‬ @gordonsta - just seen the brilliant news about Banff. Many congratulations! #fiva #banff

Hilary McKay @HilaryMcKay7
‬ @gordonsta Thrilled for you! From all at Tansley

andy kirkpatrick ‏‪@psychovertical
‬ Best news of fest ‪@gordonsta‬ getting 1st prize in MTN lit for Fiva. Was gutted not to make final 5 but seeing how happy he was made my day

MyOutdoorsUK ‏‪@MyOutdoorsUK
‬ Fantastic news from Banff with Gordon Stainforth scooping the Mnt Literature award for Fiva

Alex Roddie ‏‪@alex_roddie
‬ Gordon Stainforth wins best mountain book award at ‪#Banff‬ for his book ‪#Fiva‬. Truly deserved for an excellent book. ‪ 

Stephen Venables ‏‪@Venables_S
‬ Great news that Fiva has just won the Mountain Literature prize at Banff. ‪ 


Banff Mtn Festival ‏‪@BanffMtnFests‬
‬ The Jon Whyte Award for Mountain & Wilderness Literature goes toFiva: An Adventure That Went Wrong ‪#BanffMtnBooks‬

Joe Simpson @TouchingTheVoid
Congrats on Bannf prize well done mate :)

MyOutdoorsUK @MyOutdoorsUK
Great news on so many levels Gordon, Congratulations on a deserved success

Alex Roddie @alex_roddie
I hear rumours that you have won? Many congratulations!


Douglas Griffin
It's about time I added my congratulations, Gordon. Been following the news on and off via UKC and I'm genuinely delighted for you. I've not read Fiva yet but I'll be dropping heavy hints to my wife a week or two before Christmas.

Well done Gordon I told you :)PS I think you were a proper author before

Bernadette McDonald
Can't wait to read it!

Adrian Hendroff
Delighted to hear the news, many congrats!

Matt Heason
Nice one mate.

Marc Chrysanthou
brilliant! and very well deserved :-)

Adam Raphael
Well done Gordon! You need a second edition now!

Tom Hutton
Wow! Good one! T

Iain Barker
Well done Gordon.

Malcolm Mills
Davies Wow, great review Gordon, compared to `Touching the Void`, cant wait to get my hands on this beauty then !

Phil Kelly
Top news Gordon and well deserved!

Tony Penning
Well deserved

Mick Ryan
Congratulations Gordon.

Allan Brown
Fantastic! Well done. Its a great read and i was sure it would get a prize

Simon Jacques
Well done Gordon - waiting for it at Christmas for a pressie to read in Switzerland amongst the mountains - congrats again... Si

Laura Stainforth

Many many congrats Uncle G!! That is fantastic news!! FIVA is so deserving of the prize!! Lots and lots of love LJ xoxoxo

Judi Chrysanthou
hey just heard you've won the banff mount lit prize ..well done!!! not in the bit surprised you know how i loved it and read it in one reading ..without a break !!! great for you to get recognition for wtiting such a well written and riveting book a well deserved priize ..marc and i are so pleased for you ...marc and jude xxx

Debby Stainforth

I'm absolutely thrilled for you Uncle G - you really deserve this and I am so excited and happy to hear that you won... well done!!! xoxoxox

Debby Stainforth

Congratulations Uncle G for winning the Banff Mountain Literature Prize for 'FIVA' yesterday!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! — with Gordon Stainforth in Zagreb, Grad Zagreb.

Mary McLean Farmer

Congratulations to Gordon Stainforth. His book Fiva has won the Mountain Literature prize at the Banff Mountain Festival. If you've still not read it, get a copy. You don't need to know anything about climbing in order to thoroughly enjoy it.

Mary McLean Farmer

 Congratulations Gordon. Very pleased for you and a much deserved award.

Paul Pritchard
Wooohooo Gordon!!! good effort on the Banff prize... B/T next!?!? Ride the wave... X

Gordon Stainforth
Thanks, Paul. It's been amazing. The warmth of congratulations almost overwhelming. It's as if I've dropped in on a little corner of paradise ... hope I don't wake up and find it's all been a dream :) The point now is that if I don't get the BT it won't be half as painful.
Best, Gordon

Keith Sutcliffe
Congratulations to Gordon Stainforth for winning book literature prize at Banff mountain festival;

Frances Fagg
very well done. you deserve this so much

Simon Jacques
well done Gordon Stainforth !!

Ben Palmer
No shit! Good effort!

David Linnett
Hi Gordon Maa-hoosive congratulations on Fiva winning the Mountain Literature Prize at the BANFF Mountain Festival. A most worthy winner! :-)

Emails and letters

Janet Guest
[Peter] has just been telling me of your great achievement in winning such a prestigious prize for your book. Well done you! Many congratulations & love
from Janet

Hugh Tassell
It was great to see that you had won a prize at the Banff Mountain Book Festival. Congratulations!

Michael Ryan
Once again Gordon, a huge congratulations.

Jim Walton
Well done Gordon on winning Best Book in the Mountain and Wilderness Literature at Banff.
Well deserved.
Jim Walton

Neil Foster
Congratulations Gordon!
...and that is from someone who never indulges in UKC "congratulations bandwagons"!

Dan Bailey
Hi Gordon
Congratulations on the win. It sounds like a great book by all accounts, and I’m keen to read it myself.
Good luck at Kendal
Dan Bailey UKH/UKC

John Beatty
Hi Gordon,
I've just heard about your Banff success. Very many congrats mate! I'm really thrilled for you. I have been watching all the accolades roll in during the first few months of its publication....the reviews building up...and now this success...well done!
all good wishes,

David Hope
Many congratulations for your success at Banff, a great achievement! Let's hope FIVA goes on to the success it deserves with a wider audience,
best David,

chris fitzhugh
Jane T emailed me your Banff success. I'm delighted for you.

Sally Dipple
what wonderful news - I am so happy for Gordon! Please give him my heartfelt congratulations as I don't have his email. If you would just tell him that I am thrilled to hear of his success and I shall buy his book - and perhaps get his autograph on it another day.
Great news!

tony howard
BIG Congrats!! Tony & Di

Pete Holden
Hi Gordon
I have just heard the good news about your success at the Banff Festival. CONGRATULATIONS. All those tribulations years ago and the hard work of writing and publishing have paid off. This must be very satisfying for you Gordon.

Matt Heason
Hi Gordon,
Well done once again on the award. You must be chuffed to bits.
Matt Heason

Andy Birtwistle
You are welcome mate and congrats on the new found fame. You'll be off to Australia to join the rest of the celebrities soon :) Good luck at Kendal as well but I feel that you wont need it,you are on a roll.You deserve it though.It must have been a brave decision to dive into that,but some stories need telling and I really feel that one has hit the nail on the head.
Once the hullabaloo dies down and you have a bit of time it will be nice to meet up again(I think it was 93/94 when you stopped over?)As Ive said before you are just up the road.
Best wishes for Kendal

John Richard Parker

Chris Harle
Many congratulations on your Banff award (and beating Into the Silence!)
See you in Kendal.

Rob Tresidder
Congratulations Gordon! Very favourable review in the AJ as well.

Stephen Venables

Stephen Goodwin
Gordon - Many congratulations on scooping the Mtn Lit prize at Banff. Now you're on for the double.
Look forward to seeing you both at Kendal.

Gill Hirst
CONGRATULATIONS !!!! to Gordon!!! ( with not a little help from yourself)
Please pass on our best wishes

Adrian Farmer
Brilliant news - pass on our congratulations, Freda! It's well deserved.
best wishes

Jenny Raphael
Well done G, huge Congrats!!!!!!!! Xxx

Clare Danek
Hi Gordon,
Thought I'd drop you a line to say congratulations on the Banff award - very well deserved!
It's brilliant to see the exposure Fiva's getting, and the subsequent praise too.

Brilliant! Many congratulations, Gordon! Freda emailed the wonderful news. You deserved that, and I'm so pleased you got it.
Hilary forums

by - Mick Ryan - on - 13 Nov 2012
Double congratulations Gordon and best of luck this Friday.
Strong competition there, not least Wade Davis's Into The Silence which has just won the Samuel Johnson award.

by - BALD EAGLE on - 11 Nov 2012
Congrats Gordon a most worthy winner! :-)

by - ericinbristol on - 11 Nov 2012
Well done Gordon! Thoroughly well deserved. Amongst the best books ever written about mountaineering.

by - Trangia on - 10 Nov 2012
Congratulations Gordon, I look forward to reading it.

by - mountain.martin on - 10 Nov 2012
33 reviews on Amazon, and all of them 5 stars. I don't think I've seen that for a book before. Just orderd mine.

by - pneame on - 10 Nov 2012
Yeah, but with Fiva one can totally identify with it! I'm sure it's only a matter of luck that I didn't have a similar epic at some point.
It's great to see its well deserved positive reception.

by - nniff on - 10 Nov 2012
Well done! One item on my Christmas list.

by - Sean Kelly on - 10 Nov 2012
Congratulations Gordon! A must read now.
Incidently they had Andy McNab in the Mail supplement today choosing favourite things, and he included 'Touching the Void'! Another plug for mountaineering literature.

by - TonyG on - 10 Nov 2012
This really is fantastic! Congratulations Gordon... I'm thoroughly looking forwards to buying a copy of your book and getting stuck in :) All the best. Tony

by - Trangia on - 10 Nov 2012
Congratulations Gordon, I look forward to reading it.

by - Mick Ward on - 10 Nov 2012

by - crustypunkuk on - 09 Nov 2012
Congratulations Gordon.
Best recent mountain specific book I've read, so well deserved.
Good luck for the Boardman Tasker.

by - Mr Mark Stephen Davies on - 09 Nov 2012
At first glance i thought it read:
'Gordon Stainforth Trumps at Banff Mountain Festival'
silly me
Well done Gordon, you are a legend!

by - Ghastly Rubberfeet on - 09 Nov 2012
Well done!

by - Solaris on - 09 Nov 2012
Well done, Gordon. It's a great read.

by - Andrew Lodge on - 09 Nov 2012
Well deserved, its a good book!

by - Southern Man on - 09 Nov 2012
Wow, well done. It's on my Christmas list.
You look so chuffed in that photo :)

by - landskip on - 09 Nov 2012
RCA! but what about that jumper!!

by - jon on - 09 Nov 2012
You look suitably pleased with yourself, Gordon. Congratulations!

by - Nicholas Livesey on - 09 Nov 2012
Congratulations Gordon, Fiva's a wonderful book so no surprises! Very well deserved.

by - Jim Walton on - 09 Nov 2012
Well deserved. Think it's a bit early for the Christmas Jumper though ;-)

by - biscuit on - 09 Nov 2012
I'm not sure what's worse the jumper or being in some way responsible for Never Ending Story ;0)
Brilliant result Gordon and a very impressive CV.

by - Postmanpat on - 02 Nov 2012
Gordon Stainforth of this parish's book "Fiva" has won the best book award for mountain and wilderness literature at the Banff film festival.
Many congratulations to Gordon.
The grand prize was won by "Fire Season" by Philip Connors.

by - Tall Clare on - 02 Nov 2012
Brilliant news for Gordon!

by - Only a hill on - 02 Nov 2012
This is awesome news and highly deserved. Well done Gordon!

by - BALD EAGLE on - 02 Nov 2012
Good stuff Gordon! A most worthy winner so happy days! :-)

by - no_more_scotch_eggs on - 02 Nov 2012
Yup, congratulations gordon

by - hokkyokusei on - 02 Nov 2012
Brilliant. I was wondering how it had done.
Just finished the copy I received for my birthday. It's a great read - a real page tuner that make you feel as though you're right there in the middle of it.

by - pneame on - 02 Nov 2012
excellent news. Well deserved

by - Simon on - 02 Nov 2012
congratulations gordon - well deserved - you and Freda must be very proud…

by - Andy Mountains on - 02 Nov 2012
Well deserved too. Congratulations Gordon!

by - Postmanpat on - 02 Nov 2012
I'm actually wondering whether Gordon made it to the awards announcement reception because the timing appears to have coincided with the single malt whisky tasting event.....

by - Gordon Stainforth on - 02 Nov 2012
I wasn't at the whisky tasting, Nick, because the Book Prize event had its own reception, and let me assure you the drinks flowed ... We ended up in the Irish Pub in Banff town centre with Simon Yates, who was keeping the flag flying for Britain when it came to knocking back the pints :)
Having a really great time. As I said in my acceptance speech, 'this is one of the best days in my professional life for 18 years ... since I was last here and won the Best Book of Mountain Image prize for "The Cuillin".' Actually, this feels so much bigger an award to me.
Thanks to everyone else of this thread for their congratulations.

by - Steve Ashton on - 02 Nov 2012
Well done! Great news. Who says the good guys don't win?
I've asked my partner for this book for Christmas, so this news isn't helping me keep expectations down...

by - Offwidth on - 02 Nov 2012
Well done! That should help sales a bit ;-)

by - Flinticus on - 02 Nov 2012
Well done. Read the book recently & really enjoyed it.

by - Robert Durran on - 02 Nov 2012
Excellent! I must read it.

by - Ridge on - 02 Nov 2012
Congratulations to Gordon!

by - Greenbanks on - 02 Nov 2012
Read it on hols - should've put my tenner on it then. An unusual, common-touch story that's a well-deserved winner. Congratulations Gordon